The Grand Tour: Nowcomm Edition | Book Your Cisco Spark Board Day

Nowcomm is delighted to announce the launch of our Cisco Spark Board UK   Grand Tour 2017. Between now and the end of the year, the Nowcomm team will be travelling the country showcasing the latest addition to our collaboration suite: The Cisco Spark Board. This tour offers all employees the chance to experience the latest Nowcomm workplace innovation. Nowcomm’s Spark Board solution creates a seamless conferencing and sharing capability, improves and simplifies team-work activities and truly unifies the workforce. We’ll be visiting organisations across the UK to perform an on-site, hands-on interactive session.

If you are interested in seeing how Cisco Spark Board can simplify and enhance your organisation’s existing business communications environment in person, then you’re in luck. Our tour will enable you to have “Your Cisco Spark Board Day” at a time and location to suit you. With the Nowcomm Spark Board Team on-hand to set things up, we literally get everything required out of the box to ensure you and your colleagues benefit from the full immersive experience during our visit.

James Baly, Nowcomm’s Director of Technology will be leading the roadshow team and commented, ‘Nowcomm’s “Your Cisco Spark Board Day” was designed with the current economic environment at the forefront of our thinking. Organisational leaders and departmental managers are demanding digital transformation and technology innovations to improve their current operating model and deliver competitive advantages. At the same time, these same leaders are careful not to commit to new investments without a solid appreciation and understanding of the benefits. By Nowcomm bring the technology and the business case within the four walls of the organisation, everyone can share the experience and within less than 10 minutes of trying out the solution for themselves the business can identify their particular benefits and advantages.”

Don’t delay, book a “Your Cisco Spark Board Day” now, and be sure not to miss out on being part of the Nowcomm 2017 Grand Tour.  Register your interest Here.

As part of our Grand Tour initiative, Nowcomm is partnering with Macmillan and for every different pair of hands within your organisation that are photographed using the Spark Board during our visit we will make a £2 donation.

Want to know more before we pay a visit? Watch our Spark videos Here

Any questions? Just email the team at [email protected] or call us on 01332 821 108.