Voice & Video Solutions

Simplify communications. Integrate telephony, video, and meeting tech in one agile system that controls costs while guaranteeing 24/7 connectivity.

Now and in the future.

Modern communication technologies are an explosion of systems, standards and services. Often that means additional complexity and cost, and a constant drain on the time and expertise of your brightest IT people.

What if you could consolidate that into one modern, resilient service? One that could provide dedicated, state-of-the-art telephony, messaging and live-chat systems, meeting and videoconferencing technology, and even full contact centre capabilities. Cloud-connected and fully interoperable with traditional telephony standards.

So you could lock-in efficiency and reduce operating costs while guaranteeing the organisational agility to respond to new opportunities. And without adding to the day-to-day workload of your IT department.

Smart companies are leveraging the integrating power of nowCollaborate to do just that.


Communications solutions from your trusted Cisco partner.

Nowcomm holds the following specialised security certificates and is one of a handful of UK-based Cisco Gold Certified Partners.


nowCollaborate Voice: integrate your remote, cloud and mobile workers into all your business comms — even meetings.

Just when you need your communications to be agile, old technology like the PBX is tying you down and costing you money.

More people work remotely, and diverting DDIs to mobiles is difficult. Hybrid workplaces are becoming the norm. employees need to be able to contact each other using message, voice and video across multiple devices, across multiple locations — one-to-one, one-to-many, or even many-to-many.

  • Extends all the normal functions of a PBX into Cloud and remote comms
  • Includes meetings for single platform collaboration
  • Works anywhere where there is an internet connection
  • Supports softphone deployment

A Cisco-powered single management telephony platform for universal comms

NowCollaborate Telephony is the easiest way to extend any PBX system and bring your remote, cloud and mobile workers into all your business comms.

Powered by Cisco WebEx Calling, it’s the easiest way to get your able employees to speak, message, email, and video — from multiple devices, across multiple locations — one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many.

No fuss. No service disruption.

  • Re-use existing office voice circuits
  • No need to change PSTN provider or terminate contracts
  • No disruption to call plan or billing
  • No disruption of numbers with porting requests

Contact Centre

Transform customer interactions with nowCollaborate Contact Centre.

NowCollaborate Contact is the multi-channel, AI-powered contact center that’s making it easier for customers to connect, improving the response speed and accuracy of frontline staff, and building competitive advantage.

  • Improve customer experience
  • Reduce staff overload
  • Cut wait times
  • Offer 24/7 customer service
  • Offload common enquiries

Leverage the power of AI and automate the simple so your people have the time to handle the complex.

Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and Natural language processing (NLP) are all advancing fast.

Faultlessly automate hundreds of thousands of customer contacts each day with virtual assistants, chatbots and intelligent IVRs, leveraging the power of these tools to hand off common and simple enquiries so your staff have the additional capacity for more challenging tasks.

Equally NowCollaborate Contact Centre can rapidly draw together unique data insights that give your staff even-greater context, so they can deliver accurate responses that improve customer loyalty, satisfaction, and lifetime value.

Read nowCollaborate Contact Centre Brochure

A full multi-channel contact experience so customers get to the right person, quickly.

As many as 91% of UK contact centres will soon be socially engaged; 45% will be video-enabled.

That’s why NowCollaborate Contact Centre operates across inbound and outbound telephony, integrates with your IVR and encompass digital, text and video channels — so you’re available and accessible — regardless of the route your customers prefer.

And it supports a staged services transition, so you can test the waters and manage risk.


Get face-to-face, anywhere in the world.

NowCollaborate Meetings let you quickly and easily communicate with geographically dispersed employees, customers, and suppliers. See the people you’re talking to so you can — and save the time and expense of travel.

Easy to use, intelligent, scalable and, most of all, secure.

It’s easy. It’s remarkably inexpensive.

It’s scalable — delivered through cloud technology that offers you a highly secure platform for on-the-spot collaboration with colleagues and stakeholders.

And you need no special equipment, or specialised IT people to keep it up and working. Support, monitoring, and technology upgrades become our priority — allowing you to focus your resources on other, more important initiatives.

More than just a picture and a voice.

Do much more than simply speak to one another. Share screens and content in real time; live edit documents collaboratively; and message one another – all from multiple locations and multiple devices.

Later, revisit old meetings through either recordings, or highly accurate AI-constructed transcripts.

10 ways NowCollaborate Meetings is simply better.

  • Modern user- experience Clean, simple UI optimised for a smooth, fast experience
  • Innovative and state-of-the-art Cisco-powered AI brings contextual intelligence plus automation like live transcriptions
  • Cost effective One price, and no hidden costs or charges
  • Easy to use Join any meeting in just seconds with just 1 click.
  • BYO device Works with any third-party, standards-based video device
  • Mobile-ready iOS and Android native apps that are designed to rapidly adapt to network quality
  • Integrates other tools Deep integrations with Teams, Office 365, Slack, Google Calendar and more
  • Flexible architecture Choose to deploy cloud-only, hybrid or on-premises — it’s your choice
  • Open platform Capable of interfacing with other meeting and messaging platforms
  • Secure and private Strong encryption, compliance, visibility and control


nowCollaborate Video: turnkey video collaboration and meeting systems.

Simplify your teleconferencing and bring meetings to life.

Deploy integrated, all-in-one video systems that combine striking aesthetics with peerless functionality and can effortlessly handle anything from large conference and meeting rooms to C-level boardrooms and compact huddle spaces.

CISCO technology for unmatchable video and audio experience.

  • Intelligent, HD cameras Responsive speaker framing and tracking for meetings that feel more natural
  • Turnkey system design Everything you need for video conferencing integrated into one unit
  • Future-proofed visuals Next-generation displays (up to 8K) and codecs for exceptional image quality
  • Directional audio Horizontal speaker array for directional audio that aligns with the speakers’ on-screen position
  • Extensible Support up to 3 screens and additional content-sharing and annotating sources such as whiteboards
  • Clear, full-band sound AI-powered automatic background noise suppression to maximise conversational clarity
  • Simple to use Easy, voice-activated controls
  • Smart presentations People count for usage metrics and resource allocation; APIs and macros allow meeting personalisation

Powerful collaboration tools for all your spaces.

  • Small huddle spaces
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Large conference rooms

Content Sharing

nowCollaborate Content Sharing: more-effective remote collaboration

Bring everyone in your remote meetings into the conversation with seamless content sharing tech that lets them se and interact with your content as if they were in the room with you.

Choose to share your entire screen, or restrict sharing to just a single application or file while keeping the rest of your desktop private. Or go fully interactive with whiteboards that the whole group can edit.

  •   Share screen
  • Share an app
  • Share a video
  • Share a whiteboard


nowCollaborate Messaging: keep your flow post-meeting.

Often, the real work begins once the meeting ends. That’s where nowCollaborate Messaging for messaging, file-sharing, and conceptual whiteboarding helps you and your team push forward — efficiently and without overlooking vital details.

  • Stay connected Stay connected with your teams with an always-on cross-device collaboration platform.
  • Stay on track Collaborate with your teams in spaces organised around specific workstreams.
  • Stay on point Messages and files are securely stored, with powerful search capabilities to keep every detail handy.
  •  Individual and group messaging
  • Secure file and content sharing
  • Two-way on and offline whiteboarding
  • Integrated direct video calling

Integrate all your favourite productivity tools

Integrate any of dozens of common (and less common) productivity tools to minimise app-switching and workflow interruptions.

Team Synergy

nowCollaborate Teams-Synergy: fully interoperable calling with MS Teams

Many telephony and communications systems are not mutually interoperable.

That’s why we developed Teams-Synergy — a unique solution that provides complete calling integration between Microsoft Teams and Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM). Give yourself the space to embrace new platforms and ways of working, such as remote workers using MS Teams to directly call on-site users who are equipped with Cisco phone handsets or Jabber/WebEx clients. Fully managed by Nowcomm and operating on your existing virtual infrastructure, Teams-Synergy is the protect and maximise your CISCO communications investment.

Finally bridge Cisco and Office 365/Teams environments

  • External calling to and from MS Teams
  • Internal calling to and from MS Teams
  • Calls to and from DDI numbers without expensive E5 licensing
  • Works with on-premise based UCM environments

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