Network Infrastructure

Secure, sustainable, high-performance networks.

Networking and datacentre solutions from your trusted Cisco partner.

Nowcomm holds the following specialised security certificates and is one of a handful of UK-based Cisco Master Collaboration Partners.


Cloud Menaged

Cloud Managed Networking

Given the higher performance, ease of use, reliability, and operating efficiency of managing networks from the cloud, every business should consider moving their network management to the cloud.

You can manage multiple sites, users, and devices from a single point, enabling employees to work flexibly from any location. This is important not only now, but also in the future as we see many businesses moving to hybrid working models.

  • Unmatched visibility and control
  • All-in-One Solution
  • Enterprise performance with the simplicity of the cloud
  • Simplified optimisation
  • Rapid vulnerabilities blocking
  • Open APIs Capabilities


High-speed, secure, reliable network access

Nearly every sector of the economy now relies upon wireless technologies in fundamental ways from banking and manufacturing to education and healthcare. nowConnect Wireless s a powerful, flexible and highly customisable solution for companies of all sizes, helping you make the transition to fully digital business.

  • On Premise
    Reduce administrative
    overhead and simplify the
    time of deployment.
  • Cloud Managed
    Continually optimise
    network performance
    as capacity, traffic, and
    utilisation changes.


Secure, flexible and scalable inter-site connectivity

  • AVAILABILITY Better application experience with high availability, with predictable service, for all critical enterprise applications
  • SECURITY More security with integrated threat protection enforced at the right place
  • CONNECTIVITY Optimised cloud connectivity with seamless extension of the WAN to multiple public clouds
  • VISIBILITY Simplified management with single, cent ralised, cloud-delivered management dashboard for configuration and management of WAN, cloud, and security


Reliable and versatile network

High-speed networks designed to be resilient, intelligent and secure

Users depend on the network to access the most important information that they need to do their jobs. Therefore the network must not only be reliable but also need to incorporate versatility in order to address the changing needs of an organisation.

The expertise, performance, security, and stability required to drive the connected organisation.

At Nowcomm, we adopt a three-tier network topology approach, using core, distribution, and access layers. This approach provides a foundation for the network enabling you to take advantage of next generation services such as SD-Access, Secure Network Analytics, Policy-Based Access and Segmentation.

For greater levels of network visibility and control

nowConnect LAN offers Cisco Catalyst range of network switches that can be implemented in a non-fabric and SD-Access fabric model, controlled by Cisco DNA Center.

  • Provisioning, Control and Assurance provided to all fabric enabled devices
  • Segmentation, automation and analytics for greater levels of visibility and control on the network.

For organisations with cloud first strategy

nowConnect LAN also offers Meraki MS range of switches fully manged by the Meraki cloud dashboard.

  • Centralised dashboard for multi-site management
  • Deep network data and analysis for better network management and smarter working
  • Effortless scalability to grow the network alongside your organisation.

Nowcomm's approach

  • A full analysis of WAN / LAN requirements
  • Cisco's validated designs
  • Review and test before delivery
  • Health Monitoring and Management Fund
  • Configuration advice and guidance Flexibility and licence management

DC Connectivity

Scalable performance for servers & apps

Data center networking solutions built for scale with industy-leading automation, programmabillity, and real-time visibillity.

  • The industry-leading SDN solutionFacilitates application agility and data center automation
  • Data Center Switches Built for scale, industyleading automation, programmability, and realtime visibility
  • ACI Fabric Create a scalable solution that will provide a single point of management for all network devices.
  • Non Fabric Locally managed DC Network with all policies, configurations, client data and telemetry held locally to the device. No additional onsite hardware needed.

IT departments are under more pressure than ever to deliver increasing value back to the business.
In addition to responding to day-to-day operational challenges, IT is being asked to lead business forward with server virtualisation, cloud computing, and ultimately, a software-defined infrastructure.
Optimising the data center can ensure greater performance, security, networking, storage, and software efficiency advantages—all while lowering operating expenses.

As A Service

Take the hassle out of device lifecycle management

Today’s world demands simple, flexible, and fast. To gain a competitive edge, you need to do more than just keep up. You need to position your organisation, your team, and yourself for growth and innovation.

  • Rapid time to value
    Retire outdated tools and gain the latest tech assets at an affordable rate, without needing to purchase the assets outright.
  • Hassle-free
    No more burden of maintaining and replacing IT hardware
  • Unmatched Flexibility
    Scale up or down depending on your evolving needs
  • Optimised Resources
    Have your teams focusing on organisation goals instead of hardware-related infrastructure issues,
  • New Opportunities
    Increase your agility and free up cash for other IT investments
  • Simplified Payment
    Everything you need: from devices through cloud-based solution to managed services, built in a single, simplified monthly payment

Harness the power of Subscription Based Infrastructure

With nowConnect As-A-Service, you get everything you need: from devices through cloud-based solution to managed services in a predictable payment with flexible terms to optimise your cash flow.

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