Cyber Security

A complete, end-to-end cyber security service designed to reduce risk and increase visibility.

Security solutions from your trusted Cisco partner.

Nowcomm holds the following specialised security certificates and is one of a handful of UK-based Cisco Gold Certified Partners.



Managed Detection & Response with nowSecure Defend.

Building and maintaining your own Security Operations Centre to protect you is often prohibitively costly and overly complex.
nowSecure Defend is a Security Operations Centre (SOC) manned by a team of UK based elite, security experts and underpinned by best of breed security tools that vastly enhance your protection, detection, and response capabilities.
nowSecure Defend extends your security resources to reduce both your cybersecurity risks and associated costs.

  • Comprehensive managed security
  • Centralised, bird’s-eye view (SIEM)
  • Extensible, modular approach
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Eliminate security overlaps
  • Bridge network and cloud

nowSecure Defend offers comprehensive management, alerting, triage, investigation and remediation services

  • Visibility - Better and faster troubleshooting with the intelligence needed to proactively detect and mitigate issues.

  • Alerting - Contain any threats before they cause serious problems with information and context allowing you to protect your business.

  • Investigation - Gain insights into the root cause of the incidents and protect your organisation against future attacks.

  • Remediation - Contain security risks, prevent financial losses to your organisation and address cybersecurity risks in real-time.


Develop a comprehensive and actionable cyber incident plan.

nowSecure Plan can assist you in developing a comprehensive and actionable cyber incident plan that will help you quickly restore operations, minimise losses, fix vulnerabilities and thoroughly strengthen security to avoid future

Develop Cyber Incident Plan in 5 steps

  • Understand Review of existing documentation, approach technologies and expertise.
  • Adapt Adapting development of your plan to suit your unique requirements.
  • Develop Development of a comprehensive and actionable cyber incident plan.
  • Review Review and adjustment of the draft plan before it’s published.
  • Test We recommend you schedule a test of your plan at least once annually.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Every company is vulnerable. With an attack every 11 seconds globally, your organisation is likely to fall victim of cyber criminals at some point.

However, you can take action right now by preparing for this eventuality.

It is in your company’s best interests to have a well thought out cyber incident plan.


nowSecure Train: unified cloud-based, employee cyber-threat awareness.

Cyber-attacks often leverage powerful social principles that underpin human behaviour. nowSecure Train recognises that behavioural psychology principles can also be used to weed out bad security behaviours and instil good ones.

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  • Seamless multi-platform delivery, including mobile.
  • On-demand, personalised cyber security advice.
  • Specific security behaviour tracking and measurement.
  • Stay visible, approachable and in control.

Drive better security behaviours (not just security awareness) through making best practice an instinctive response for users.

Create individual action plan that address specific security habits. Ensure your security content adjusts as cyber threats evolve. And smart reporting tools that make measuring impact and risk reduction easy.

How nowSecure Train works.

  • One Applies evidence-based principles from psychology and behavioural science.
  • Two Cognitive computing technology gives users threat-based, context-specific content.
  • Three Data analysis visualises human cyber vulnerabilities at organisational and individual level.
  • Four Relevant, timely GCHQ-accredited content is accessible to all users.
  • Five Organisations benefit from insights from the user community.
  • Six Data insights enable a greater understanding and more effective mitigation of human cyber risk.
  • Seven Integrate seamlessly into the most popular SSO, LMS and GRC solutions.
  • Eight Users are engaged and encouraged to embed good cyber and data protection practice into their day-to-day lives.

See how you can reduce human cyber-risk with a live demo ...


nowSecure Protect delivers compliance and cyber security for greater organisational agility wherever you work.

The need to support the new hybrid working model is paramount to organisations today. We must protect our applications and our users as well as the devices they are working from. We shouldn’t compromise on security.

The ability to proactively protect your organisation and gain insight into security and compliance performance clearly can create an immense competitive advantage.
Leave the ongoing surveillance of your cyber security to the experts, whilst your competitors are stuck in the past. Adapt and minimise costs, and never lose focus on your business mission and purpose.

  • Apply threat intelligence to rapidly detect and counter sophisticated multi-pronged attacks.
  • Integrate local and remote networks, devices and data to protect everything, everywhere.
  • Unify and push out security policy enforcement at even the largest scale.
  • Deliver network blocking based on geolocation.

Choose nowSecure for comprehensive nextgen network, virtual, cloud and endpoint protection.

  • Deliver network blocking based on geolocation.
  • Integrate local and remote network devices and data to protect everything, everywhere.
  • Unify and push out security policy enforcement at even the largest scale.
  • Apply threat intelligence to rapidly detect and counter sophisticated multi-pronged attacks.
  • Gain deep insight into the attack types, how they entered the network and related footprints.
  • Benefit from proactive hunting of emerging threats to ensure your protection remains optimised.
  • Utilise services deployed and managed by Cisco Security experts round the clock.

Expose your cyber security weaknesses, understand where you are at risk and see the path forward.

nowSecure Assess is a thorough, comprehensive review of your security infrastructure that leaves no stone unturned. This assessment, led by our experienced cybersecurity experts, helps you to determine what technologies and security controls are operating effectively.

At Nowcomm, we don’t approach cyber security as just a technical issue, our methodology revolves around three key elements of information security: people, process and technology.


nowSecure Monitor for discovery and prevention of compromised credentials on the Dark Web.

Today, credentials and identities are the number one commodity traded on the Dark Web with sales increasing at an exponential rate.

The edges between work and home life are blurred, and the management of the sheer number of passwords is now overly complex, onerous and time consuming. Inevitably, as humans we revert to simplicity and use the same passwords everywhere or just change a few characters to make it different.

This common approach makes us all vulnerable to credential compromise.

Once a password is compromised the impacts can be far reaching, not only for the individual but also the company that employs the target victim.

Companies often never find out what’s been compromised until it’s far too late.

nowSecure Monitor allows you to find out when passwords are leaked onto the Dark Web.

Illicitly obtained digital credentials are the currency of choice on the Dark Web. Nearly 80 per cent of security breaches involve compromised passwords. But companies often never find out what’s been compromised until it’s far too late.
nowSecure Monitor is an intelligent platform that tracks – in real-time – whether anyone in your organisation has had their credentials compromised.
nowSecure Monitor uses vast search capabilities to monitor known hacker forums and IRC channels 24/7. Smart algorithms hunt tell-tale signs of compromised or stolen employee and customer data.

  1. Know precisely where you’re vulnerable as it happens — right down to the emails that have had passwords leaked.
  2. Identify the most effective breach mitigation strategies to prevent compromised credentials being used as a lever to create further damage and exfiltrate data, or to compromise financial accounts.
  3. And tap our expertise to bolster your defences the most advanced multi-factor authentication mechanisms, password managers and user cyber-awareness training.

nowSecure Respond helps you to face cyber incidents with confidence.

nowSecure Respond mitigates damages, improves cybersecurity, and maintains stakeholders’ trust.

Cyber-attacks happen every day, even to companies with up-to-date systems and software. It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep an organisation secure and deal with the impact of a cyber incident. It could be you’re experiencing the start of an attack, in the midst of a full-scale attack that is compromising your organisation, or something just doesn’t feel quite right with your security and you need the opinion of a specialist to give you peace of mind.

nowSecure Respond for rapid and effective response in the face of a cyber-attack.

nowSecure Respond is a monthly subscription service from Nowcomm that provides a 24/7 hotline for cyber related issues just like these. The service gives you access to an expert security team so, should the worst happen, you have the specialists on hand to limit the impact to the business and your customers.

  • Fast and effective response to reduce the impact of a cyber security incident
  • Access to UK-based cyber security experts available 24/7 to put your mind at rest
  • Comprehensive investigation and triage followed by swift, robust remediation measures
  • Reliable, expert guidance in the time of crisis
  • Comprehensive report documentation available for compliance
  • Ongoing monthly security update and quarterly assessment to prevent future attacks
  • General advice and guidance right through to the deployment of a specialist team of experts to your site

Our nowSecure Respond service offers access to highly trained security experts that are by your side every step of the way

24/7 Cyber Helpdesk

The helpdesk operates with security experts certified to the highest level, and armed with threat intelligence from Cisco Talos, they have the expertise to act fast. With over 15 years’ experience in the security industry the team is extremely skilled in the processes, tools and technologies to keep you safe.

Act fast, recover quickly and prevent future attacks with nowSecure Respond

  • Rapid Attack Response
    Experts can be deployed when and where you need them to help track and clean up all traces of the attack vectors, contain the threats, prevent further spread of the attack, and get you back on track.
  • Remediation Fund
    The remediation fund is prebuilt into your plan per annum. This time is used as a banked time fund and activated only when cyber-attack response is called down.
  • Swift Recovery
    We will work with your team to take the appropriate actions to remove any infected systems from the network and any malicious code, so you can restore all your data.
    Our experts help you understand how the issue emerged and the new environment is strengthened to prevent future recurrence. Full post attack reports give you the detail and assurance you need that the recovered environment is free from infection and confidence to go back online.
  • Ongoing Management
    Need help managing your security going forwards? Nowcomm has a range of security services to suit all organisations.

Five reasons organisations choose nowSecure.

  • Complete security solution

    Never manage multiple contracts with different vendors able to provide only one or two solutions. nowSecure is comprehensive, centralised and integrates your existing security protocols.

  • Economies of scale

    Partnering with a managed security provider lets smaller organisations enjoy a quality and scale of resources that are usually the province of big players. This, in turn, frees internal IT and management resources for other development priorities.

  • Long-term vision

    nowSECURE identifies what you need to stay compliant with regulatory controls and protect your data. This helps ensure cross-functional support and prepares our clients for audits, examinations, and questions from external stakeholders.

  • Controlled security costs

    We always begin with a company-wide security assessment to prioritise remediation. This delivers consistent security spend, eliminates surprises and maximises your ROI.

  • Customised hands-on expertise

    Whether you have 200 or 2,500 employees, our hands-on approach delivers a comprehensive security program that is tailored to size, risk, and industry.