Only five other players in the industry have what Nowcomm has, can you guess what it is?

The answer is a powerful trinity of three, coveted accreditations from Cisco. 

But before we delve into why anybody should care, here’s a snapshot of what they are:

1. Firstly, Nowcomm is a Cisco Gold Partner – the ultimate recognition of superior Cisco technology expertise and an exceptional approach to customer service

2. Secondly, Nowcomm is a Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Master Partner (CMSP) – reflecting an unrivalled ability to transform the way businesses run their operations using cloud, managed, or virtual managed services.

3. And thirdly, Nowcomm is a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner ­– acknowledging the unsurpassed competency in enabling businesses to collaborate effectively.

On their own, these three designations are notable – but combined, they’re unique. And what’s more, only five other companies in the UK, outside of Nowcomm, boast this accolade.

It’s rare, who cares?

You might be thinking at this point, who cares?

So, let’s take the opportunity to look at why these accreditations are immensely powerful – in striving to earn differentiation in a crowded marketplace. But more importantly, from the perspective of say an IT Director – deciding on which supplier to hand over their cash to, when upgrading or securing their networking infrastructure.

Perhaps at the end of this blog, you’ll be demanding to know what certifications your own IT provider has…?

For customers, it’s about assurance

Going back to business basics – every customer needs a reason to buy from you. And that reason had better be compelling enough to convince them to hand over their hard-earned cash. In fact, around 19%* of SME expenditure alone goes on technology investments, so you can bet your bottom dollar (to quote our San Francisco friends) that businesses are going to do their homework and shop around ­– no matter what size they are.

Having this prestigious and rare cluster of three certifications from Cisco, provides absolute assurance to our own customers that we know what we’re doing, and that we do it incredibly well. And what’s more, we’ve been recognised by Cisco for doing so.

In our experience, every organisation demands certainty – a level of confidence that they’ve chosen to do business with professionals who’ve obtained the highest level of expertise in their field. And that’s what these accreditations do – they provide comfort and reassurance to prospective clients who are looking to invest in communications solutions.

But let’s face it, any IT director worth their salt is likely to choose Nowcomm – if you’ve attained the very ceiling of accreditations from Cisco like we have, you can rest assured you’re getting the best expertise available on the market.

For us, it’s about pride

Being entirely honest, it’s a gargantuan effort obtaining the triad of certifications we’re so proud to have achieved. Cisco make organisations like ours, work tirelessly and relentlessly to secure and maintain these badges of honour – and rightly so.

It demands a huge investment in time and money, to send employees on training courses across the globe. It requires fastidious attention to detail and resilience, to endure and survive the scrutiny of regular auditing from independent bodies on behalf of Cisco. But it’s 100% worth it.

And what motivates us to pursue and uphold these Cisco accreditations? It’s the sense of pride it gives us here at Nowcomm – it’s external validation for how good our people truly are.

Gold – the clue’s in the title

The milestones you have to reach to become a Cisco Gold Partner alone, include giving your customers an outstanding service experience ­– a gold one! And, as we’re fanatical about our customers here at Nowcomm, we were very happy to oblige.

In practice it means having things like 24/7/365 service support for customers, so if they need you in the middle of the night, you’re there for them. That’s no mean feat operationally, but it’s what we do.

We’re an independently owned business, free from the shackles of upfront sales volume agreements – allowing us the license to focus on a superior ‘wrap around’ service – beyond the technology. From project management and risk avoidance, to service delivery and cost management ­– our people offer much more than simply “fitting the tin” technology expertise.

But don’t take our word for it. As Robin Palmer from Derby University put it, “Nowcomm’s support has been monumental.”

To sum it up then

  • In the market we operate in – this trinity of Cisco designations is a game changer.
  • The Cisco products and solutions are wonderful. But they’re underutilised if you can’t help businesses to exploit them to the max. And that’s what we do.
  • Being recognised in the industry is a great source of pride for our entire team, and validation that they’re doing the best job possible.
  • And with the technology sector experiencing the slowest rate of growth since 2015**, companies like ours need to put the extra work in, to stand out in the market.

So, next time you need a company that provides cost and performance optimised networking, cybersecurity, unified communications and datacentre services ­– you need to be asking what accreditations they have.

But there’s only really six companies to choose from isn’t there? Come and see what we can do .



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