Nowcomm to launch a series of Hands-on Cyber Security Masterclasses

Derby, Derbyshire, August 19, 2021 — Nowcomm, an elite team of technology experts in the design, delivery, and customer support of Cisco solutions, is set to launch a series of Hands-on Cyber Security Masterclasses. The objectives of the masterclasses are to demystify cyber security, make it less complex and provide attendees with an action plan that enables them to bolster their company security.

During this two-hour masterclass Nowcomm and Cisco experts will provide valuable information on how to treat security as a key enabler for your organisation. There will also be opportunities to discuss security challenges with peers during interactive workshop sessions.

“We have prepared a lot of effective and thought-provoking exercises for the masterclass attendees” comments Kevin Prone, Cisco Security Ambassador at Nowcomm.

”These include live, interactive cyber-attack and defence demonstrations in our cyber security and hacker labs. As a takeaway each attendee will receive a practical Cyber Security workbook that will outline the steps to take towards a better cyber security posture.”

The masterclass agenda will cover the following areas:

• How to find out where you are on your cyber security journey
• How to effectively deploy endpoint security with increased visibility
• How to secure your employees, wherever they are located
• How to use the latest security technology to improve your security posture
• How to make your security solution more automated for Day-Zero protection

The series of Hands-on Cyber Security Masterclasses will be available in several cities across the UK starting with Derby, Manchester and Birmingham.

Click here for the full list of dates and locations available.

This masterclass is FREE*

*The £250 pp cost of the class has been 100% subsidised by our Cisco technology fund. Booking is subject to a cancellation fee.

Places are limited to a maximum of 12 per event.

Nowcomm are an elite team of technology experts in the design, delivery and customer service of Cisco solutions.
Our focus is high quality services and support, specialising in Enterprise Network Infrastructure, Collaboration and Security.
We are one of only handful of Cisco Partners in the UK to hold both the Cisco Gold and Master Collaboration status.

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Nowcomm to launch a series of Hands-on Cyber Security Masterclasses

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