Nowcomm Cisco Webex Calling

Nowcomm ditches the office PBX in favour of Cisco Webex Calling

The team at Nowcomm are offering businesses the ability to replace legacy Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems with an app-driven, enterprise level alternative based on Cisco’s Webex Calling technology – and are taking the leap themselves.

Nowcomm is one of the first Cisco partners to cut ties with its own office phone system and adopt Webex Calling as a cloud collaboration platform within the business, enabling the team to provide first hand insight of the process to customers looking to do the same.

Cisco’s offering is designed specifically to allow businesses to replace traditional enterprise level phone systems and support the long-term adoption of remote working.

Nowcomm’s employees will use the Webex Calling app as a single communication tool. From the app, users will be able to conduct voice-over IP (VoIP) video calls, as well as traditional calls to landlines and mobiles. The app can also be used to manage team messaging and meeting requirements. A key element in the decision to move to the cloud was Cisco’s robust security architecture which includes true end-to-end encryption and two factor authentication (2FA).

The Webex Calling feature set has been further enhanced by Nowcomm with the inclusion of Dubber Call Recording and AI technologies.  100% of the calls can be automatically scanned for key phases and words, and notification alerts sent to the correct individuals. By adding this information to the detailed dashboards provided in the Cisco Control Hub, a company can get a complete view of all communication – a level of insight often missing from more basic calling platforms.

James Baly, Chief Technology Officer at Nowcomm, said:

“The Coronavirus pandemic has meant many businesses have had to adopt remote working policies in a very short space of time and while basic video conferencing tools have done a great job of keeping people connected, they bring limitations and risk and can’t be effectively used as a business’s main enterprise grade phone system. Many alternatives don’t have sufficient security protocols in place for example, with a very real risk of attendees gaining access to meetings and calls that include sensitive information. Webex Calling on the other hand, offers true end-to-end encryption and two factor authentication (2FA).

Deploying in house first ourselves allows us all to work first-hand with the technology. Our offering has been in the market for the last 12 months and we are migrating our customers during the lockdown as they need to realise more immediate application benefits to maintain productivity between teams. A single, secure, agile solution for collaboration helps to overcome some of the challenges posed by a large volume numbers of collaboration technologies and applications which business are struggling to manage access to securely.

Webex calling will make it easier for employees working from home to remain connected, and for those who are moving in and out of the office environment to effectively take a fully operational phone system with them.

“Having a cloud-based, app-driven telephony and comms platform helps reduce the scale and complexity of the physical IT infrastructure, whilst ensuring an enterprise level phone system without compromising on functionality.”

For more information about using Webex Calling at your organisation please contact us.

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