#LetsTalk about how you are having conversations with your customers!

We’ve covered how to collaborate better with your colleagues, how to secure your digital conversations and as we come to the end of National Conversation Week, we want to touch on how you’re talking to your customers.

When customers are happy with their experience of interacting with your brand, we can likely expect increased loyalty and referral of your products and services to their family and friends. However, when they aren’t happy, we can expect it to spread across the various social, blogging and news outlets that are now available, compromising the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.

As the use of mobile, tablet and desktop devices have grown significantly over the years customers demand much greater flexibility in the way they can communicate and reach out to service providers and brands. Different consumer segments have their own preferred way of speaking to organisations, some might stick to the traditional telephone and email options, whereas others may prefer live chat or social media communication. Whichever method they prefer, it’s essential your organisation can deliver a seamless experience across these channels.

Speak to Nowcomm about how we can help your organisation stand out from your competitors by building a scalable customer collaboration solution that enables faster response times, personalised service and increased availability leaving your customers feeling happy with your service, more loyal to your brand and importantly, willing to refer you to others.

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#LetsTalk about how you are having conversations with your customers!

It is National Conversation Week – How are we conversing with each other in the workplace?