Let’s #GetTalking about Security and protecting your digital conversations!

Over the week, we have spoken about how the right solution can enhance digital conversations in the workplace by adding a human and personal touch to what can usually be a faceless interaction. Today, we want to take a different route and talk about how we protect those digital conversations and why that’s necessary.

With the numerous ways we can collaborate on a project, it’s easier than ever to get things done and share information and converse with our colleagues. You can collaborate on a marketing campaign or customer project easily via email, instant messaging or conference through your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The possibilities are endless. But how secure are the devices we have these conversations on?

Many cyberattacks target the corporate network through these endpoint devices. For example, users may mistakenly click on a suspicious link sent through an email supposedly sent by their colleague on their phone, if the device isn’t secured then this can potentially lead to malicious content trying to or successfully entering your network posing serious financial and reputational consequences. So, what steps can we take to mitigate the potential risks to our digital conversations with the devices we use?

Advanced Malware Protection [AMP] for Endpoints blocks malware at the point of entry, and continues to monitor files or links even when they’re in the network. Using data retrieved from Cisco’s threat intelligence unit, AMP protects your endpoint from known and emerging threats. You can talk to your colleagues and collaborate on projects regardless of which device you’re using while being reassured that AMP for Endpoints by Nowcomm is providing that much-needed protection to your network and digital conversations.

Visit our Advanced Malware Protection page here.