It is National Conversation Week – How are we conversing with each other in the workplace?

Technology has changed the way we work with colleagues and customers. Over the last couple of decades, the rise in desktop, laptop and mobile phone usage has taken away the need for us to communicate face-to-face. In a world where WhatsApp, Email and Emojis have taken hold, we no longer create or maintain interpersonal relationships anymore – has this impacted our working relationship with customers and colleagues?

At Nowcomm, we have adopted Cisco Spark technology, which gives us the benefits of a digital solution while still maintaining the personal element of face-to-face communication with our stakeholders. We know that key pieces of information can get lost in translation when you can’t read someone’s facial expressions, body language, buying signals or visible concerns, this can make all the difference in getting a sale, contract or buy-in into your product, service or idea.

When you want to speak to a colleague, you send them a message on LinkedIn instead of visiting them in their office. When you want to get that quick update from a supplier, you fire away an email instead of setting up a telephone conference. It’s become second nature to interact with people around us using technology rather than building relationships through face-to-face communication, where you can see who you’re talking to. At Nowcomm, we’re supporters of technology adoption but believe that workplace relationships and interactions should primarily be underpinned through face-to-face, personal communication with your colleagues.

Technology is a normal part of our day-to-day personal and working lives and has let us work more efficiently. However, in some cases, it has inhibited real collaboration where employees can share, add-to or review ideas and get creative.

National Conversation Week is the perfect time to look at how we have conversations and use digital collaboration to enhance discussions, ideas and innovations. Add that extra personal touch to a digital meeting with a customer or colleague by enabling video conferencing. Join a Cisco Spark room and share documents, messages and hold meetings where you can see the person on the other end of the computer[s].

We all know digital collaboration has allowed us to save time and money travelling to and from meetings that could have been rearranged or cancelled last minute, easily connect to customers, colleagues and suppliers who aren’t physically close-by and the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint as you travel less and keep documents in the cloud rather than a printed paper. Experience the benefits of digital collaboration while still creating close interpersonal relationships with the people that matter. Talk to Nowcomm and see how we can help you to deliver a digital collaboration solution for your business.

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It is National Conversation Week – How are we conversing with each other in the workplace?