IT and SecOps Teams: Can we help you sleep a little better this World Sleep Day?

Ok, so even with all the IT stresses you probably don’t suffer total insomnia worrying about your organisations network infrastructure security, but like all businesses we have worked with over the last 15 years, cybersecurity is a very real and increasingly important concern that should be under constant review. With a new virus or ransomware attack seemingly being reported by the media every week, you can’t help but think: Are we vulnerable? Where are our potential weaknesses? Should we do more?

With Nowcomm’s track record of running security workshop events, customer service reviews, security audits, and penetration testing we typically hear three general comments about data security:

1)   We have deployed a company firewall and all devices are patched to the latest antivirus. Therefore, we can confidently state we don’t have vulnerability issues as we’ve not seen an instance of being hacked.

2)   We are probably not vulnerable, but I don’t know where to start to validate and help improve our business IT infrastructure and anyway, I don’t have the time to consider this further, security is a massive drain on effort and needs expert knowledge.

3)   With the combination of in-house and public-private cloud applications our data is everywhere. Our users have access anytime and from multiple devices and with every passing day of the monetisation of cybercrime we become more vulnerable to attacks being invoked from devices already within our network as well as from traditional external threats.  

In response to the challenges we regularly see such as the examples listed above, and to maybe help with that good night this World Sleep Day, Nowcomm have launched a free Network Vulnerability Audit offer which all infrastructure and security managers can take advantage of. Be “rest assured” when it comes to your data security provision by speaking to Nowcomm’s experts.

After your consultation with a Nowcomm expert and following the joint review of your personal report following the completion of the checks there is no obligation or further requirement to have any further meetings or engagement with Nowcomm.

Why not take the opportunity to validate your environment and gain additional assurance of the health of your network by clicking the link below to book a Nowcomm Vulnerability Audit?

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