How WiFi in schools is transforming the learning experience

In a post-pandemic world, WiFi in schools is transforming the learning experience in more profound ways than ever before. From self-help learning to direct collaboration, students are benefitting from fast and reliable internet access in the classroom. Here are just some of the ways WiFi in schools is making a big difference.

Immersive learning experiences

From quizzes to video responses, learning is made more immersive and creative with WiFi access. Students can document their thoughts, reactions, and experiences in new and meaningful ways. And with fast upload and download speeds, they can quickly share this media with their teachers and classmates in a safe and secure manner. Your expert WiFi installation partner can help you apply the right security to allow for seamless sharing with top levels of safety.

Self-help approach

To prepare students for the real world, they’ll need to know how to find out information on their own. One of the great educational benefits of the internet age is the freedom it has given children to find things out for themselves, rather than always rely on instruction from the teacher. Schools are embracing this by providing more and more internet-ready devices, with many aiming to achieve a one-per-child policy or running BYO initiatives so children can be online as much as possible. Giving them this access mimics real-world conditions where they’ll need to self-help often.

Media-rich environment

Instead of waiting 15 minutes for the teacher to roll out the overhead projector, content is now streamed at the speed of light. And you need great WiFi to do this. But media-rich learning helps students better understand complex topics and provides a real aid to visual-based learners who previously had to rely on photos in textbooks. It also allows students to create and distribute higher-quality content that better resembles real-world standards.

Less anecdotal reliance

WiFi supports teachers too. They no longer have to rely on their memory (or their own schooling from decades ago) to answer student queries. Now, with the power of Google, they can ensure accuracy in their responses and double-check anything they’re not sure of. This improves the standard of education for all students and reduces the chance of spreading misinformation.

More collaboration

Education for Everybody explains that sharing is fundamental to the way we learn – sharing ideas, sharing files, and even sharing mobile hotspots. At high school, for example, one presentation can be sent to a group who are working on a project, and everyone can edit, comment and share inputs into the document in real-time with full visibility from everyone else. This allows for better group participation and prepares students for the realities of work in the digital age.

Mental health support

It’s estimated that one in ten children between 5-16 will face a mental health issue. And while social media can contribute, there’s a lot that the internet is doing right. Open Access Government states that mental health apps, in general, have exploded in the past few years as the mindfulness conversation goes into full swing. From DreamyKid, which helps children to meditate, to Kids Yoga Deck and Breathing Bubbles which helps them with releasing their worries, there is an app for everything. Teachers can now encourage students to make time for these supportive apps.

Personalised education

Big data is coming to education and robust WiFi is enabling this personalised revolution. By analysing big data, teachers will be able to understand the best way to interact with each student, creating a more engaged and motivated classroom. This means learning can be individual instead of curricular in nature. This is a big transformation in this sector.


If you’re ready to embrace the future and find out how WiFi in schools is transforming the learning experience for yourself, talk to our team of connectivity experts today.

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