Cybersecurity superstars: meet the latest additions to Nowcomm’s partner roster

We’ve got news! We’re able to announce the addition of two new partners to our roster:

AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe. These partnerships will substantially bolster and broaden our cybersecurity offering, enabling us to develop even more sophisticated solutions to protect our customers from the wealth of threats facing their infrastructures, information and applications. It will also complement our existing Cisco cybersecurity solutions such as Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki, which we deliver as part of our Cisco Gold partner accreditation.

AT&T Cybersecurity, previously AlienVault, offers an open source security information and event management system. It simplifies the management of compliance and security, with a unified platform for all security monitoring and threat response.

By working with AT&T Cybersecurity, we can offer our clients an intuitive platform for everything from setting out a cybersecurity strategy and roadmap, to managing risk and compliance, to undertaking vulnerability scanning and threat management.

Cybsafe is a human cyber risk management platform. Companies can use it to improve the cybersecurity behaviours of their staff, by measuring current attitudes, developing metrics for cyber risk decisions, and identifying the most pertinent areas for education and development.

By working with Cybsafe, we can offer our clients a next-generation approach to dealing with the human aspect of cybersecurity – the errors, missteps and manipulation which lie at the root of the majority of cyberattacks and data breaches.

AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe join a host of cybersecurity specialists on our partner roster, including specialists in dark web data breach and wireless network security We have always believed in partnering with the best organisations in their fields, in order to develop exactly the right solution for each client, using the very latest technologies.

Collectively these partnerships will help us deliver a truly best-of-breed approach to cybersecurity, which considers the multiple different factors behind any organisation’s security and risk posture, both technological, process related and human. The cyberthreats organisations face today are hugely diverse and constantly evolving. Businesses must protect themselves against highly sophisticated criminals seeking to hold businesses to ransom or steal highly sensitive information – but also digital vandals who simply want to cause as much disruption as possible, as well as the possibility of staff members misconfiguring key systems, or accidentally exposing sensitive data or login credentials.

We are committed to building the most powerful ecosystem of cybersecurity partners possible. We want to present our customers with the best security tools, platforms and processes in the business. We want to help them proactively prevent cyberthreats from harming their operations. And we want to rapidly identify and resolve incidents when they do occur.

AT&T Cybersecurity and Cybsafe are leaders in their fields. By partnering with them, we will be able to offer our clients both an intuitive platform for managing multiple different cybersecurity functions, and a human-centred approach to security management, focusing on the skills, behaviours and attitudes of the workforce.

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