Cyber Security Essentials For Business Owners

Cyber Security Essentials For Business Owner

This guide covers the basics every business owner should know if they want to become more secure, informed, and compliant. A strong security strategy with different layers of protection is essential to defend your business against all kinds of cybercrime. It positions you to defend against cyber-attacks designed to access, change or destroy data, extort money from employees of business, or aim to disrupt your day-to-day business operations.

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Who are Nowcomm


Nowcomm are the highest certified Cisco Gold Provider (MSP) proudly based in the Heart of England. We look after your connectivity, collaboration and cybersecurity, so that you can focus on looking after your customers.
Customer experience is at the heart of our strategy and our focus is fixed firmly on delivering high quality services and support to our growing base.
We are proud to are proud to have recently become one of only two Master Security Specialized organisations in the UK.