Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex Teams: Find Out More

Cisco Webex and Cisco Spark come together to create a whole new set of collaboration tools and improve the way people work! At the 2018 Collaboration Summit, Cisco leaders unveiled a range of new features and products, which will make connecting with co-workers, clients, and customers easier than ever.

This convergence brings together both Spark and Webex meeting capabilities, using the Webex backbone IP network for all meetings. These meeting servers are in both public cloud and in Cisco data centres offering the best quality and lowest latency video experiences. 

Here is everything you need to know:

Webex Teams

Spark is now rebranded as Webex Teams—this will go into effect June 2018. 

Webex meetings

Spark meetings are now Webex meetings and come with a single set of features: Roster, meeting controls, connectivity, and more. You can join these meetings from the Webex Meetings app or the Webex Teams app, thus creating the best security for your conferences. Like Teams, you can expect this June 2018. 

Webex assistant

Voice-controlled AI assistant will now aid in your Webex meetings. You can use Webex Assistant with a wake-word to control everything from dialling in, volume control and mute functions. Get ready for the Assistant May 2018! 

Webex Share hardware device

This palm-sized device can plug into any TV or monitor to turn it into a wireless presentation screen via the Webex app. Limited order ability starts at the end of May 2018, with full availability in the fall.

To see Cisco Webex Teams in action or to arrange a Free Trial call Nowcomm today on 01332 821100 or visit our dedicated Cisco Webex Teams website Here

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Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex Teams: Find Out More

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